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Lymphatic Drainage

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BENEFITS OF LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE with Therapeutic Natural Health Spa:

-Clearer Skin
-Cleanses the Blood
-Promotes Healing
-Deep Relaxation
-Reduces Swelling (especially after surgery / liposuction) 
-Gets rid of harmful substances and bacteria
-Excellent for remission cancer patients and those who wish to prevent cancer.

Lymphatic Drainage Prices

30 mins. $100

50 mins. $120

Lymphatic + Ultrasound Special

3 sessions  $450

Lymphatic Drainage Special

3 Sessions $330

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Lymphatic drainage is a detox.
Can compared to a massage. The therapist opens the lymph ducts (it's not invasive) and uses special hand techniques to encourage the flow of lymph thus ridding the body of toxins. Some persons do it for general detoxing while others have it done after surgeries or of they have swelling or inflammation.

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