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“I think that everyone should have a Colonic done.”

~ Samantha Roberts 

I totally endorse the Lymphatic Drainage wholeheartedly, as I have plagued with Inflammation of my right ankle and by extension my left after a sprain about four years ago and I am constantly have swelling and discomfort. There are times when it's difficult to wear shoes and footwear because of the swelling in my ankles which was also causing pain in my lower back, and nothing gave me relief or reduced the swelling. Until, I experienced the lymphatic drainage which provided a soothing relief, ease of comfort and the proper fit of my footwear. It's also a great way to release toxins from the body and to allow the circulation of blood flow which is extremely important for the flow of oxygen throughout the Body.

~Bernadette Barr March 25th  2023

The first time I heard about Colonic Irrigation was from a co-worker, who referred me to the Therapeutic Natural Health Spa. I decided to make an appointment to find out for myself the benefits of having a colonic.

To my surprise I found out that having a colonic was so much than just cleansing the colon system. After having my first session I felt
Excellent and Revived like a burden was lifted off of my
shoulders, I also felt clean, my stomach was not bloated anymore and I lost about three (3) pounds that same day. After two (2) days I was able to have a regular pass without wondering, ‘did I go to the bathroom today’?

I am now a regular client of Therapeutic Spa because I know now that having your colon cleansed on a consistent basis at least once a week will help combat parasites, gas, bloating, acid reflux and most of all you will lose weight.
Continue to eat healthy and have regular colon sessions and you will become a healthier person on the inside and out.

~Ann Balfour January 26, 2008

"I wanted to thank you for doing an awesome job at treating my history of chronic back pain which was relieved after one hydrotherapy treatment at the Therapeutic Spa. I have been to several Chiropractors and after several
treatments I still could not get rid of the pain in my back. It was very irritating to work out in the gym and painful to even jog at times. Until I met you I have been so self conscious about the serious injury to my back. 
I now enjoy working out in the gym on a regular basis and running 15 to 20miles per week without worrying about back pain. Since receiving the hydrotherapy treatment seven months ago, I have been free of back pains , but what is more amazing I am now working out more frequently and lifting heavier weights without experiencing pains. Your hydrotherapy treatment is effective and reasonably priced.

Thanks for your help."

~ Charles Johnson October 10 th , 2006

"My life before colonics was miserable. I was constantly constipated, unable to pass normal sized stools without the aid of stimulant laxatives or enemas and suppositories. After several years of passing “Rabbit Pellets” I
knew something was definitely wrong, for I was relying weekly on laxatives
to get a relief. Being constipated was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I had a
protruding stomach despite being slim and working out at the gym three (3)
times weekly. I had terrible headaches and my face…………. Gross……….
Severe acne. Lower back pains and abdominal discomfort was the most nagging feeling to deal with. What drove me to seek help was the ‘nasty’ feelings inside I knew I was toxic because of the nauseous feelings and terrible headaches. Flipping through the telephone directory to find a herbal store for herbal cleansers, I stumbled across a colon that popped out at me. After inquiring I instantly thought this could be my ‘Big release’. Sure enough after a few sessions me “rabbit pellets” have transformed miraculously to ‘human sized structures’. I was excited for I hadn’t seen those in years. My stomach has flattened and my face has drastically improved. Headache attacks are less intense and most of all that yucky nauseating feeling inside
has been banished. Colonics have taken most of my burdens away and the freedom to “go off” on my own is most rewarding."

~ Lendeisha Culmer December 01st 2007

Hi I am Pat Rutherford with a word of a testimonial benefit of Colonic  Hydrotherapy. Early in 2005, I needed a walking cane sometimes for mobility. Surgery was my last thought, and my belief in Holistic and Complementary Medicine made me aware of other alternatives. I was reminded of Kendra’s training in her field of Massage Therapy by a relative and close friend. I made the appointment and later wobbled into her office. After a 60min hydrotherapy session I could move my legs and feel very little pain compared to when I came in the office. Within a week ortwo of this treatment I could walk without the assistance of a cane.


Many Thanks Kendra,

~Pat Rutherford  November 11 th 2005

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