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Whether you’re looking to cleanse, hydrate, or renew your skin, our SPA Estheticians will give you that glow and leave you more radiant than ever.


Consider this your fast track to total well-being. Massage therapy benefits range from better sleep to stronger athletic performance. You’ll melt away tension and leave deeply relaxed.

Lymphatic Drainage

It is sometimes compared to a massage. The therapist opens the lymph ducts (it’s not invasive) and uses special hand techniques to encourage the flow of lymph thus ridding the body of toxins
Some persons do it for general detoxing while others have it done after surgeries or if they have swelling or inflammation. It also helps with cancer survivors.

Body Wraps

A body wrap - also known as a ‘body cocoon’ or ‘body mask’ - is a spa treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of skin, and/or reduce body measurements. A nourishing oil or mineral-rich formula is applied to the limbs and torso before they are wrapped in cotton, mylar bandages or a plastic film.

Ion Cleanse 

An ionic foot detox is said to work by pulling the toxins out of your body through your feet. A safe and relaxing way to clear out the body, the ionizing machine works to ionize warm water in the foot soak. 


A healthy colon is essential to the achievement of optimum health. Colonics is an internal bath of the colon. It provides relief from; Constipation, Parasites, IBS, Gas & Bloating, Chronic fatigue, Bad Breath and Acid Reflux. 

Laser Lipo Cavitation

Lipo Laser Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound. Lipo laser cavitation is a fat reduction program not a weight loss program.

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